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Come to Build-a-Bear Workshop in Myrtle Beach and Leave with Your New Best Friend

Located at Broadway at the Beach shopping complex, Build-A-Bear in Myrtle Beach allows kids to pick out and put together the stuffed pet of their choice for a souvenir that will always remind them of that family trip to the beach.

This unique stuffed animal boutique is like a visit to the North Pole for children with vivid imaginations and the desire to personalize their own toy. The colorful workshop looks like a cross between a playhouse and a factory where best friends are created.

A computerized visual display catalogs all the options children can choose from, including long lists of animals, a never-ending list of colors, interesting wardrobe choices and various types of eyes, noses and ears so children and parents can plan their designs ahead of time.

Or kids can jump straight to the front of the line and play it by stuffed ear. Build-A-Bear Workshop includes eight different stations where visitors wind their way through the process and come up with their very own, one-of-a-kind pet.

The first step is selecting an animal, and you'll quickly discover that there's a lot more than just teddy bears at this kid-friendly factory. Dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, fish and farm animals are among the many fuzzy species children can choose from.

Once you select your pelt, patrons move on to stitch their own animals using kids-safe sewing machines. Then it's off to the favorite for most children - stuffing their critters to their preferred plumpness using foam hoses that allow the makers blow foam life into the animals.

As the pet begins to take shape and kids begin to see the fruits of their labor, it's time to add the features that make each animal unique. Kids can pick out and out on eyes, noses, ears and tails to give their new pets unique characteristics that suit the owners to a tee.

The excitement continues to build as children are allowed to select a special wardrobe for their pets, and there is no shortage of selection. The dressing process can include the basic bare bear all the way up to elaborate costumes that reflect your child's individual personalities.

Whether it's a baseball, football or soccer uniform for their favorite sport or team, classic overalls and dresses made to fit each animal or cheerleading and gymnastic outfits, Build-A-Bear has a collection of clothing to let your kids get as creative as their imaginations will allow.

Once your pet is dressed and ready, it's off to the naming station where kids are issued birth certificates for their animals. By now your child has probably named his or her pet, and they get to make it official. The kids also can take their own fingerprints as part of Build-A-Bears child identification program.

Plenty of accessories are available but not required for each pet, such as a house or a carrying bag. But each purchase comes complete with its own house-shaped box that kids can carry their new best friends around until bed time and their magical first night with their own work of art and love.

Animals are priced between $10 and $12 and all the accessories cost extra. Birthday parties and other events are available. Build-A-Bear is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily and the phone number is 843-445-767

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