Become at Master Magi at MagiQuest

Try something different this vacation, and have some family fun at MagiQuest. You’re family will love becoming a Magi and defending the realm. MagiQuest is an interactive role playing game where you use a real magic wand to go on quests and solve the mysteries of the realm.

While you embark on your quest, you will use your magic wand that you receive upon arrival to cast spells and charms. The wand you get is yours to keep; bring it along next time you play to pick up where you left off. Take advice from the Quizmaster, as he will help you with clues and Runes.

Your journey is personalized to your decisions, so everyone will have a different experience; perfect for repeat visitors. Progress further into the quest and complete the Ancient Book of Wisdom to become the Master Magi. There are lots of friends or foes you can meet along the way. Befriend a pixie or fight off a dragon.

It is located at Broadway at the Beach between the Carmike Cinemas and Big D Theater. Their hours are 12-8pm Monday through Friday, and 10am-8pm Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to give yourself ample time to complete your quest if you plan on coming in the evening.  Packages start at $25.99 for new Magi and include a wand.