Top Reasons to Visit Myrtle Beach’s Dunes Village Resort in the Off Season

Father and daughter enjoying Dunes Village Resort in the OffseasonEveryone knows Myrtle Beach is a great destination for a family vacation in the summertime, but it seems far fewer folks have realize what a great place it can be to visit in the off-season. Both Myrtle Beach as a whole and Dunes Village in particular offer plenty of fun in the off season, and often for a whole lot less.

Here are our top reasons to visit Myrtle Beach’s Dunes Village Resort in the off season:

1. Less crowds

Even the most patient traveler can get annoyed with bustling summer crowds, traffic and lines. That’s why we love the beach in the fall, winter and early spring: You don’t have to battle crowds. Enjoy all of the popular family friendly attractions that Myrtle Beach has to offer – without the hassle!

2. Affordable rates

Fall and winter are great times to get really stellar deals on outstanding accommodations. Our well-appointed rooms come with the best rates in the off-season, which means you can stay longer and have more fun! Check the Dunes Village specials page to see how much you can save!

3. Our kids club’s year-round!

We have a fun kids club with activities ranging from face painting and interactive games to movies, crafts and T-shirt tie-dyeing that runs 364 days a year—Christmas is the only day we take off. So you know when you stay at Dunes Village that, unlike at most other Myrtle Beach resorts, your kids will have fun activities to participate in no matter what the time of year!

4. It’s a great time for golf

The peak of summer is often too hot and humid for golf, but fall, winter and spring can be terrific. Not only are the temps usually mild, but your chances of getting rained out actually less, as August is the wettest month of the year here on the Grand Strand. In fact, December and January are even drier than October and November! Just ask your reservation specialist and we can get you set up with a tee time.

5. Dining options abound—without the waits

There are over 2,000 restaurants along the Grand Strand and nearly all of them are open year-round. That means if you want to get a true sense of the culinary options offered in the region, you’d better get eating! This is a great time of year to try out those restaurants you’re drawn to but don’t feel like waiting for a table at in the peak summer months.

These are just a few reasons to visit Myrtle Beach in the off season, but there are as many reasons to come as there are grains of sand on the beach! So make your plans now to come enjoy the tranquility of the beach without the crowds.


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