My Fairytale Wedding: One Bride’s Dunes Dream
fairytale newlyweds celebrate in Myrtle BeachPlanning a destination wedding can be a nerve-wracking experience: Jennifer Thomson can attest to that. When she was planning her recent destination wedding at Dunes Village Resort in Myrtle Beach all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio, she was nervous about having to put trust in people she’d never met. “At the time I was thinking I was crazy for putting all of my faith in them,” she said. After all, she had friends and family coming in to stay at the resort, and there was a wedding reception as well as pre and post-wedding festivities to worry about. But the second she arrived in Myrtle Beach, she realized she was in good hands. “The first time I met with Alecia, Dan, and Adam, I was treated like a princess,” she said. “They went above and beyond to make sure I felt special ... I couldn't have asked for a better experience.” “Alecia and I communicated over the phone and in emails about the details of the weekend and she made it as simple for me as possible. We booked more than 10 rooms for the weekend for my guests and because of this we got a group discount which was a bonus … some of my guests chose to stay longer!” “When we arrived at the resort on Friday, everyone was super helpful and accommodated my guests in any way they could,” Jennifer said. “We rented two cabanas by the pool and my father in law cooked and catered the food. The resort had tables and coolers already set up and ready to go hours before we needed it. The night was fantastic; we sat by the pool for hours and celebrated our special occasion." “On my wedding day, we had a lunch out by the pool and also rented four cabanas for the entire day. We grilled out by the pool and eventually had to get ready for the ceremony. While getting ready, I would peek my head in at Alecia, Dan, Adam, and the staff who were working hard. We left for the ceremony and headed to the location to get married only to return to the Dunes to enter into a beautiful reception.” “What an amazing job everyone did. The decorations were simply breathtaking. The buffet dinner was super amazing, lots of great food and the wait staff and cooks were awesome. We had a bartender at the Tiki Bar right outside by the pool and we also had a s’mores bar which was super cool! We danced the night away and had such a wonderful time. Everything was perfect … this truly was my fairytale wedding. After the reception was over, I didn't even have to worry about cleaning up; the staff moved some of my decorations to where we would have breakfast the next morning.” “On Sunday, the day of our departure, we had a farewell breakfast which was so delicious. It was a buffet style breakfast with lots to choose from and it gave us a chance to see each of our guests before we left. It was the perfect ending to an amazing weekend.” Want to know more about planning your fairytale wedding in Myrtle Beach? Email Alecia McCollum—she’ll help get you on your way to the destination wedding of your dreams!