General Updates

Dear Valued Guest:

Housekeeping Update 12/1/23

Going forward we will only be doing trash and towel service on a daily basis.  This will consist of housekeeping staff removing all trash and dirty towels from the unit and replenishing trash bags as well as towels.

On the fourth day of your stay if you are staying 5 days or longer, you will receive service.  This service will consist of trash and towel service as well as making the beds (as long as there are no guest items on them), cleaning the bathrooms and the floors in the unit.

Should you require a sheet change at any time or additional services on a trash and towel day, this will be completed when requested no matter what day.

Please be aware that we will be doing balcony construction on non- rented rooms from 9/16/23-12/17/23.

Palms Water park Will be Closed 12/10-12/22 For Renovations (but the Palmetto Water Park will be open for use).

Palms Spa (Hot Tubs) Renovations 12/11/23-12/21/23

Palmetto Kiddie Slide Renovations 1/2/24-1/11/24

Palms Outdoor Pools and Outdoor Lazy River Renovations 1/2/24-1/12/24

Palms Adult Slide Renovations 1/15/24- 1/25/24

Palms Teen Pool Renovations 1/29/24-2/9/24

Palmetto Spa (Hot Tubs) Renovations 2/19/24-2/25/24


Thank you for your patience & understanding.


Dunes Village Resort Management Team